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Rebuilding Your Life When A Relationship Ends

The break-up of a relationship is an all too familiar experience for many of us and the struggle to rebuild our lives can seem like an insurmountable climb.

Based on extensive research and experience a unique ten week group therapy workshop approach has been developed to offer participants the opportunity to work through a structured process of rebuilding your life, in a way that provides a foundation for coping with the emotional and psychological trauma connect to relationship break ups.

The group sessions will run on a weekly basis for 90 minutes, with a maximum number of eight participants.

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The following topics will be addressed over the ten sessions

  • 1. Denial
  • 2. Fear
  • 3. Adaptation
  • 4.Loneliness
  • 5. Friendship
  • 6. Guilt/Rejection
  • 7. Grief
  • 8. Anger
  • 9. Letting Go
  • 10. Self Worth
  • 11. Transition
  • 12. Openness
  • 13. Love
  • 14. Trust
  • 15. Sexual Relationships
  • 16. Singleness
  • 17. Purpose
  • 18. Freedom